March Lion All Events

From March 24, 2018 08:00 until March 25, 2018 18:00
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SJR-SCCA March Lion All Club Day


PDX - Track Event

Revving up – Nick DiMeo RE SJR-SCCA

Welcome to our SJR-SCCA 2018 season, and what a fantastic season we have on tap! We have a lot of fun events planned for this year, 26 events so far and maybe a few more yet to be added.

First, a brief update, we have some changes from the SCCA National office in 2018 to several of the name of our programs: Club Racing is now SCCA Road Racing, to better reflect that every licensed road racer can compete at any level of competition the club offers, and PDX is now SCCA Track Events. Though the names have changed the fun has not.

We had so much “Fun with Cars” last year, if you were in the garage all year and missed it, don’t despair, 2018 will be even better than last year.

We are starting off this season’s fun with something new – March Lion - All Club Day. The All Club Day is March 24 and 25 at NJMP on the Lightning Circuit. We will use both the Lightning track and the full paved paddock for simultaneous activities and we have something for everyone this weekend. We have all these activities planned for non-stop fun and action, and we are running the same activities on both days so you won’t miss the fun and you can do it again.

The on-track events run concurrently with the paddock events, and you can do any combination of activities:

  • Racecar Test Day – bring your racecars out for a relaxed 2 test day weekend, plenty of track time to blow out the dust from winter, make adjustments, test those off-season upgrades, make some more changes and test them. Get your annual tech inspections done and enjoy the weekend with friends.
  • Solo Test & Tune (on the Lightning paved paddock) – this is a great opportunity to run some test elements, hone your driving skills, make adjustments to your car and run them test elements again, and again…and again. We will have autocross specific course segments (Test Elements) designed to give you immediate results on car set-up and driving techniques changes. Elements could include: easy/hard slalom, Chicago box, sweeper, and a timed slalom. The elements are quick and you can take as many runs as you want. Racer and PDX drivers will benefit also from the immediate feedback these offer to car inputs.
  • PDX-Track Event – Anyone can take their street car, autocross or track day car on the Lightning track (see SJR-SCCA PDX rules for car & safety requirements), and 5 sessions are offered each day, you can run either or both days.
  • Skid Pad – we’ll have a Double Skid Pad set-up in the Lightning Paddock running each morning. A skid pad test offers drivers the most important feedback on car set up and driver inputs: measuring grip, weight transfer, cornering force, steering angle, slip angle and much more. The double skid pad gives you both right and left hand corning feedback and you’ll enjoy it even if you are not a hardcore driver! Every driver gets some great knowledge about their car and themselves out of the skid pad. The double skid pad is quick, maybe 20 seconds in & out, which means you can make car adjustments and run it again. Autocross, PDX, racecars and spectators (club members) can run it. Want to run your street car just to see how much lateral G’s it makes? Do it. Want to find the limits of lateral grip of your car? Do it. Racecars and PDX cars coming off the track with hot tires will benefit from the Skid Pad results. I found several good phone apps to measure G force on your smart phone, just Velcro or mount you phone vertical or horizontal in your car for recorded laps. Check out these apps: Accelerometer Meter, Accelerometer Counter. If you find a better app let me know.
  • Dyno Testing – How much HP you got??? Put your car on the dyno this weekend. Forty7Motorsports, located at NJMP is offering Dyno Runs for $50 per car from 9:00am to 5:00pm, time slots are limited to 15 cars per day. Sign up must be on Time slots are approx. You will get 2 or 3 pulls and drivers can make adjustments & modifications between pulls but only minor and very quick adjustments between pulls. So come prepared with any changes ready to go.
  • Saturday Night Social – Our world class evening get together with good food, drinks and the most bodacious car stories ever told. The social starts just after the last on-track session ends Saturday and everyone is always welcome, we are a club and you are a member, come on over, you’ll feel like family because you are!
  • Road Rally – Invades Vineland this same weekend with our March Lion National Course Tour Rally running on Saturday March 24 and our March Lamb National Tour Rally running on Sunday March 25. Have you ever seen a Road Rally car? You may be surprised at how easy it is to compete.

WOW this is going to be a fantastic weekend for all SJR members and friends to be together. Tell your family and friends to come down to NJMP for this weekend in March and be treated to a very full and rich experience on what we do having “Fun with Cars”.

Everyone is a member, all are friendly and more than eager to talk about their cars and experiences. Don’t be shy, find me and say hello! See you at Lightning- Nick

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