SJR 2013 Solo (AutoX) Worker Rules

Safety First!!! And second and third…... Get it?!

Each person needs to work both heats he/she is not competing. Failure to work an assignment is grounds for disqualification from the day's event. You've been warned.

In order to get as many runs as possible, changeovers between heats need to happen quickly. That means reporting for your work assignment as quickly as possible after the previous heat is finished. If you have a question about your assignment, ask the worker chief sooner rather than later.

Station rules

  1. One worker (experienced in AutoX) holds the red flag and the walkie-talkie. This person does not run after cones unless absolutely necessary.
  2. The red flag should be unrolled, but held in a closed position - not flapping in the wind.
  3. The runner(s) need to be aware of the course layout and avoid cars on course at all costs.
  4. Cones knocked out of their box count against the driver and should be called in.
  5. Cones still standing with some part still in the box do NOT count against the driver.
  6. Any cone knocked over does count against and should be called in.
  7. Pointer cones do NOT count against the driver.
  8. The worker calling the cones must identify the car by number and class when calling in.
  9. Any time there is an unsafe condition on-course, the red flag should be displayed prominently to the car(s) on-course. Don't run out in front of a moving car to display it!
  10. If a car becomes disabled on-course, red flags must be displayed and the situation called in. When it is safe, course workers can aid the driver of the disabled car to remove it from the course.

Staging rules

  1. Max speed in the paddock is 5 mph. It's your job to enforce this.
  2. Do not stage cars in such a way that it blocks an access road or it makes it difficult for cars to return to the paddock and/or return to the rear of the staging line.
  3. No "tire warming" on-site at all. If you witness any unsafe behavior, you must call it in.
  4. Paddock violations are grounds for disqualification and expulsion from the event.

Timing and Cone Call Confirmer rules

  1. Workers need to follow instructions of the timing chief.
  2. Please ask for clarification from stations calling in cones, etc.
  3. Confirm all calls when received.

Starter and Car Number Caller rules

  1. Ensure all cars are spaced safely on-course before sending another car.
  2. Clearly call in the car number and class after the car is aligned at the start.
  3. Pay attention to the timing chief calling for holding the start and ensure the driver on the line is aware they are being held until you give the signal to start.
  4. Inform timing of instructor runs clearly before the run starts.

Any problems or questions? Talk to Chief Safety Steward, the event organizer, the heat Safety Steward or the worker chief.