SJR 2013 Solo Logistics

Registration 8:00 - 9:30 SHARP

Registration opens at 8:00 a.m. and closes at 9:30 a.m. SHARP. Help us out. Come early.

Registration is $35 for current SCCA members. Non-members will be charged $50 and receive a weekend membership to the SCCA. Should the entrant choose to become a full member of the SCCA their weekend membership can be used as a $15 discount within 60 days (limit 2 $15 discounts for a total of $30).

Tech Inspection 8:45 - 9:45 SHARP

Tech inspection will usually be roving inspection unless you are directed otherwise at the event. Therefore, please leave you car unlocked so the inspection can take place.

If you are advised that there will be a tech line, you must take your car through the tech line in order for it to pass inspection.

Before inspection, please make sure that your car is ready to run:

Help out the tech inspectors by getting ready early and making sure that you really are ready.

Novice Walk-through 9:30

There will be a meeting and course walk through for novices at the start line at 9:30. If no one shows up then there will be no meeting.

Drivers' Meeting 9:45

There will be a driver’s meeting at approximately 9:45.
The driver's meeting will be at the registration table. This is a mandatory meeting for everyone on the site.

Run Order

We run by class in two groups:

Group A: all stock classes -- SS, AS, BS, CS, DS, ES, FS, GS HS, SM*, SSM and Ladies

Group B: all non-stock classes -- STS, STX, STS2, STU, ST*, FSAE, all Street Prepared, all Prepared, all Modified.

If we get more people in a class than usual, we may shuffle the class grouping around. If this is necessary, the final grouping will be announced in the driver's meeting.

For two driver cars, you will generally run in the same group unless otherwise directed. You will be directed where to park for the driver change.

Group run order alternates each event and is always subject to change.

Depending on the number of cars registered, the cars in the first group will make 3 or 4 runs while the drivers who are driving in the 2nd group are working. We will then switch and the drivers from the second group will make the same number of runs while the first group drivers work. We will repeat this sequence – first group drivers make another 3 or 4 runs while second group drivers work. And finally, second group drivers make their final 3 or 4 runs while first group drivers work.


PACK A LUNCH. Note that we do NOT break for lunch, and that you will need to fit it in as best as you can during your run or work heat. There is no food available on site so bring your own. However, Primo's Pizza will take orders, and deliver around lunch time.


Results will be posted on the Internet within approximately 48 hours after the event. Check either, or


Trophies will be distributed after the course has been picked up and the equipment loaded into the trailer. Please help out. Trophies are awarded to the top 1/3 places in each class. We run all SCCA classes and use the PAX multiplier for overall results.

Year-end trophies for both class and PAX are awarded based on points accumulated during the year. 1st place is 10 points. 2nd place is 8 points. 3rd place is 6 points. 4th place is 5 points. 5th is 4. 6th is 3, 7th is 2, 8th and lower is 1. To qualify for a year-end trophy you must have run at least 4 events with SJR. Your score for your lowest two events (including events you do not attend) are dropped in computing year-end total points. In case of ties, the dropped events are added back in.