SJR Race Planning Committee Meeting Minutes

South Jersey Region-Sports Car Club of America, Inc.

Minutes of the March 1, 2010 Meeting

Chairman, Brian Heun, called the meeting to order at 7:40 PM on Monday evening, March 1, 2010 at Uno Restaurant in Mt. Laurel, NJ.

Brian suggested that we talk up the drivers school and the PDX as the registration numbers are not all that great.

Brian went over the task list and starting with race administration it appears that the pre event requirement list is complete. The schedule, supplemental regulations, and sanction are completed. The entry is online. Terry stated that the curriculum is to be completed. Mike will be getting the stickers for the PDX. Hospitality - Craig and Dan stated that we will have our standard menu. J.D. said that we have 2 kegs left over from the banquet. Dave Yeager will supply the coffee and danish, Sue will order salads. Under pre-event - J.D. has not ordered hats but will take on that task - on second thought, it was decided that we will not have hats. Val will pick up paper for the copier. Communications - Craig has contacted Sync Speed for radios - we will need 30. Registration - Val has gotten the wristbands and she will make sure that track security has the colors. Tech - Bill Etherington has taken on that task. Timing and Scoring - Jack reported that he and Linda Louie will co-chief. Flag and Communications - Dan said he has put out the word for workers, he and Craig will be attending the Flag school at Summit this coming weekend. There will be flagging school Friday evening put on by Stan Wantland for NJMP personnel. Pit - Bart Carlevaro will cover this specialty. Grid - Bill has five workers. Start - in David's absence, Brian reported that Start is okay. Sound - Alex needs to make arrangements to get the Tri-Region equipment. Terry will contact Brian Holtz and have him bring the sound equipment to the Roundtable. Sue will get the equipment from Brian and bring it home. Emergency Services - Ray reported that we have a full compliment of workers. Stewards - Terry stated that he has a minimum number committed to date. Terry felt that with Mike handling the PDX and J.D. and Butch O'Connor handling the Drivers School we are in good shape. There followed a discussion on the PDX - how best to market it in order to get a good compliment of entrants. It was suggested that we push it at the upcoming solo event.

12-hour - Brian reported that we have 6 entrants to date and asked if we have special needs for the event. J.D. asked for batteries and he has made a contact about getting these supplied to us. We need to get a letter to DC Region asking for the loan of their lights - they have nine. Dave Yeager felt that we could use 13. Sue reported that we have a speed limit sign for pit in and, hopefully, another one for pit out. These will be used for information only. The track should be able to supply some lights through Trico. Mike asked J.D. to check into this for use along the pit wall. Discussion followed on just exactly where the lights can be placed along pit wall. It was suggested that they be placed between the pit wall and the suites. Worker rotation - Craig suggested a full yellow be displayed after dark to accomplish this. Discussion on how best to get this done. Corners 8, 10, 11, 12 & 13 are our problem areas. Should EV be involved? Can we get golf carts to ferry folks back and forth? Port-a-potties will be needed at every station. Terry will have a timeline ready for the 12 Hour at the next meeting. And he will put together a task list for the 12 Hour and the National. J.D. is the acting liaison for us and the track. All concerns should go to him in order for him to convey concerns to the track, i.e. port-a-potties, worker rotation, golf carts to ferry workers.

Brian would like to discuss the National event at our next meeting.

Sue and Meg will be attending the Roundtable. Terry asked them to attend the NeDiv National advisory meeting at the convention. He will give them his thoughts about our National racing program.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:40 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Sue King