SJR Race Planning Committee Meeting Minutes

South Jersey Region-Sports Car Club of America, Inc.

Minutes of the February 8, 2010 Meeting

Chairman, Brian Heun, called the meeting to order at 7:45 PM on Monday evening, February 8, 2010 at Chicago Uno Restaurant.

Brian announced that there will be no membership meeting on February 10th due to the weather forecast for more nastiness.

Brian handed out the task list and stated that the budget is in place and our contract with NJMP has been signed and deposit made. Terry circulated the race schedule over the past weekend and he felt that it is in order. Registration will be held Friday night in the control room. Supps have been sent to National and we will have a sanction number soon. Val is concerned that we set up a paypal account as soon as possible for our online registration. We will need to set up a conference call situation with Northern New Jersey Region to make it easier for their group to attend these race planning committee meetings - polycom with long distance capabilities. Darrell Anthony of NNJR has set up an account for this purpose.

Drivers School Operations - Butch O'Connor has been identified as the Chief Instructor and the group chiefs are J.D. King, Matt Rooke and Darryl Anthony. The school curriculum has been prepared as well as the instructor duties. J.D. is recruiting instructors. All workers and support personnel can sign up on DLB. Dave Yeager stated that he has signed up as an instructor.

PDX Operations - Mike Allenbaugh is the Chief Instructor and he will be in contact with Dave Hess about the curriculum as Dave has done this job before. Terry spoke with Matt Green over this past weekend and he will be involved with the curriculum and with recruiting instructors. Once again, instructors can sign up on DLB. There will one instructor only session on Saturday and two instructor only sessions on Sunday. Discussion on this aspect of the PDX was undertaken to make clear the instructor only sessions. Dave Yeager asked how we would identify the various classes. Green stickers would identify Novice, white-Advanced, and black for Instructor. Grid personnel would be given a sheet with this information. Brian asked Dave if he has any knowledge about the hillclimb folks participating as instructors for the PDX. Dave stated that he has had a lukewarm response and he will follow up with them.

Hospitality - Dave Yeager will supply the donuts/danish and the Region coffee maker will be pressed into service in the morning. J.D. is coordinating lunch arrangements with NJMP. The hospitality area will probably be in the tech garage. Saturday evening party will be discussed at the next meeting.

Pre-Event - Discussion centered on hats for instructors - different colors for driver instructors and PDX instructors. Val will pick up a case of copier paper. Water and ice will be acquired. Coolers will be filled in the morning and checked during the day.

Communications - Craig Zane has been in touch with Sync Speed and they are giving us the same price as last year. Craig felt that we should look into a lightning detector. Brian asked Craig to get together the specs for our needs.

Registration - Val stated that registration will be held in the control room on Friday night. Joyce Sinclair will chief.

Tech - Bill Etherington will be in charge. For all competition drivers - there will be an annual tech on March 6th in conjunction with the Solo event. There will also be an annual tech the Friday night of the Drivers School. Discussion centered on where these annual techs will be held - either Lightning or Thunderbolt. The question of helmets was brought up by Jim Tornetta and discussion centered on full face and open face helmets. Under state regulations drivers should wear full face helmets.

Timing & Scoring - Jack Oliver stated that he has been in touch with Linda Louie. School cars must conform to the GCR as far as car numbers are concerned.

Flag and Communications - Dan stated that he has a minimum number of flaggers and he is in the process of recruiting more. Dan will be in contact with Stan Wantland about putting on a F & C school in conjunction with the drivers school.

Grid - It was stressed that the PDX cars have clear and readable numbers on their vehicles.

Start - David Teal called and let Brian know that all is in order.

Sound - Terry will coordinate with Alex Collins on needs.

Emergency Services - Everything is in order.

Stewards - Terry stated that Dave Panas is the Chief Steward. Sue will serve as an operating steward for the drivers school and safety steward for the PDX.

12 Hour Enduro -Terry is the administrator for this event and he stated that the schedule has been posted. Under hospitality, there will be a continental breakfast available Saturday morning. Meals will be available during the afternoon and evening of the event. Under special activites, Terry went over the following: Registration - DLB should be capable of accepting multiple payments and multiple drivers on the entry and the structure used by WDCR will probably be a good model. Car Numbers - Elumaboards will be used and they are 12" x 12" translucent panels. Each car must be furnished with two sets of numbers and these numbers must be black and ten inches tall with 1 1/2 " stroke. Pit Assignments - Terry to draw a diagram of the pits spaces which will be smaller than the current ARCA pit boxes. A sign up and priority system must be established for confirmed teams to select their pit. Pit Speed Display - There will be no formal speed limit but an informal limit will be in effect. Sue will contact her local source about getting a 'your speed limit is' sign on loan. Pit Monitors - We will need monitors to make sure the teams adhere to the rules/regulations. Each team is required to furnish a volunteer for two hours. Additional JRB volunteers will be required. A set of stop watches will be required for the refueling times. Hourly Standings - at the end of each hour the current standings must be posted and distributed to the teams. Station Rotation - all specialties will be required to have additional personnel to provide meal breaks for on-duty personnel. Discussion centered on how best to rotate F & C personnel on stations 10, 11 and 12 and it was felt that maybe a blocker vehicle could be utilized. This will be a decision made by Ray and Alice. Station Lights - Signaling lights will be required at all flag stations. A letter to DC region will be put together about borrowing their equipment. Front Straight Illumination - portable floodlights will be required and we will check with NJMP as to utilizing Trico Lift for their light trucks. Tech - will have additional responsibilities including the inspection of auxiliary lights, refueling rigs, pit structures and evaluation of crash damage during the race. Discussion centered on what gate(s) will be used for towing of damaged cars to the paddock. This will be discussed with NJMP. Event Stickers - these stickers will utilize the event logo. Previous versions have measured 4" x 8" but these dimensions will be flexible depending on the shape of the logo. Dave Hess will be contacted for the logo design. Award Ceremony - this ceremony will be scheduled for approximately 45 minutes after the end of the race to announce winners and celebrate the moment. Trophies will be acquired and distributed after the event due to the large number of classes and number of drivers. This will reduce trophy expense but require shipping. Craig Zane stated that he has a light for start/finish.

The next meetings for this committee will be March 1st and March 15th.

There being no further discussions, the meeting was adjourned at 9:25 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Sue King