SJR Race Planning Committee Meeting Minutes

South Jersey Region-Sports Car Club of America, Inc.

Minutes of the March 9, 2009 Meeting

Chairman, Bob Childress, called the meeting to order at 7:50 PM on Monday evening, May 4, 2009 at Fairchilds Restaurant in Atco, NJ.

J.D. was asked about the logo for the National event in June. He stated that Dave Hess and he were working on it but it is not completed as yet.

Task List - Under Grid, Karen Petersen will be acting as Chief for the National. Under Registration, J.D. and Val will meet with the NJMP track personnel to coordinate the registration process. This meeting will be held May 21st at 9:00AM. Discussion centered on the necessity of putting up signs for directions to registration. Under Race Administration, Terry reported that the supps are at National and the insurance request along with the check will be sent in two weeks before the event. Craig asked about the Friday test and tune and if SCCA workers are needed. The reply is yes. NNJR equipment will be coordinated with Darrell Anthony. We will utilize the Tri-Region sound equipment. Under Hospitality, J.D. stated that it was going to be bare bones. Lunches will be provided for all workers and Saturday evening hot dogs, salads, beer and wine will be available. Maguires is providing goody bags for the drivers. Workers will be given an event t-shirt. The event garage classroom will be used for registration. Official parking will be between tower and turn one. The paddock, tech and impound and the paddock area for the Pro IT cars will be on a map showing these designated area. Meg and Terry will coordinate this track map. Under Pre Event, Terry and J.D. went over the trophy count. There will be two pace cars available. Meg will order the event specific checkered flags once the logo has been established. Event, water and ice will be available for all corner stations, tech, timing and scoring, and operations. Discussion on whether we will have a worker raffle-that is to be determined. Chiefs of specialty will hand out the event t-shirts to their workers. The results board will be located in the classroom. Trophy presentation was discussed. Winners podium will be moved to an area close to the tower. Victory laps were discussed. Under Communications, Terry stated that Chris at Sync Speed will be contacted for a final count on radio needs. He has the frequency information. The UHF and VHF antennas were discussed. We will use the second floor of the tower for timing and scoring and communications. Registration, Val was asked about credentials. We will contact Andrew Zimmerman for these as well as stickers to be placed over the tech sticker for the test day designation. Timing and Scoring, Linda Louie will act as chief. Flagging and Communications, Dan is still working on getting his National credentials and he is reaching out to WDC region for workers. Sue volunteered to contact Topeka to see just what is happening with Dan's credentials. Pit, Randy and Bart will co-chief and they have family channel radios. Grid, as stated above, Karen Petersen will serve as chief as Dan Cassino can no longer fill that position. Karen will bring numbers. Kevin Bailey will supply the EZ up for grid. We will have drive arounds at lunch time with pace car. J.D. suggested we should have two people on grid to keep these drive arounds moving in an orderly manner and one person for pit out. Sound will be located between turns four and five on drivers left. Emergency Services, Ray stated that the pit lane has been widened and emergency will be able to use. All aspects are working well. Terry stated that the stewards will be getting their assignments soon. Sue has booked a room for John Nesbitt at the Quality Inn. John will be serving as the observer.

There being no further discussions, the meeting was adjourned at 9:30 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Sue King


Jack Oliver Michael Allenbaugh Bob Childress Brian Heun
Val Heun Ray Maliszewski Alex Collins Matt Wojtkowiak, Sr.
Eric Harding Alex Collins Craig Zane Eric Harding
John Bornholdt Meg Meyer Sue King J.D. King
Dan Zane Terry Hanushek