SJR Race Planning Committee Meeting Minutes

South Jersey Region-Sports Car Club of America, Inc.

Minutes of the March 9, 2009 Meeting

Chairman, Bob Childress, called the meeting to order at 8:25 PM on Monday evening, April 20, 2009 at Fairchilds Restaurant in Atco, NJ.

John Borden resigned as our race planning treasurer after asking about the particulars of accounting with the Northern New Jersey region with Terry Hanushek. John stated that he would not want joint responsibility with someone he has no control over. Terry stated that he might have someone to help John with the treasurer's responsibilities. John stated that whoever wants to be treasurer, stand up. The sense of those present was that there was a misunderstanding when Terry said that he had someone interested.

Terry Hanushek went over the drivers school debrief and stated that he went over the emails and conversations he has had after the event. All seemed to be favorable. Michael Allenbaugh went over his notes with the following: PDX cars need to be numbered as well, there should be a place on the entry where PDX entrants have a choice of numbers purely for identification purposes for our flaggers as well as car make and color. These numbers should be a contrasting color to the car. Michael also stressed that the tech sheet should be fully filled out by the time the entrant gets to the track. Eric stated that at other PDX's he has participated in, the tech sheet was handed in at the time of registration. Discussion on what wording to be put into the supps for our next events. Dan Zane feels that we have to work on the time line as far as getting workers to station, when the staggered lunch break is going to be taken when the track is still hot. Also, we need to recruit volunteer flaggers. Discussion on keeping the instructor drive arounds under control. Terry stated that we need to address competitors and workers entry to the track because we will be holding registration on the inside and not at the building at the front gate. A meeting with the track will be set up after the Grand Am weekend to go over the tracks requirement of signing their waiver and how best to get this process to flow smoothly.

Task List - Terry went over the initial task list for the Jersey Devil National in June. The items under race administration were covered with emphasis on developing the schedule, writing the supplemental regulations and applying for the sanction. Once the schedule has been set it will be forwarded for online registration. The track coordination was addressed and this will be formalized once the meeting with the track takes place. Under equipment transportation of the NNJR truck to the track was discussed and Dan stated that he was on top of this as well as seeing to it that the radio equipment was either refreshed or recharged. Sound was gone over with Alex stating that it should be located between stations 4 and 5 on drivers left. Under pre-event, JD was not present to go over the trophies and event t-shirts. We will need two (2) pace cars and Terry will identify the pace/safety car drivers. Meg will check into the supply of checkered flags. Hospitality and event procedures will be discussed at a later date. Communications, Terry has contacted Sync Speed for our radio requirements. Craig Zane and Dan Zane will provide and install the antenna Registration chiefs have been identified with Val being the working chief. Credentials have been acquired and workers have been recruited. Tach chief Michael Murphy was not present to give a report but it was suggested that we have some kind of tech sticker just for test day and it was suggested that a bar be placed across our standard sticker stating 'Test Day'. The timing and scoring chief will be Linda Louie with Jack Oliver being second in command. Dan reported on flag and comm and his only concern other than enough personnel was about access to stations. Pit chiefs have been identified. Grid chief to be named. David Teal will act as chief of start. Ray Maliszewski will coordinate emergency services. Terry identified Tom Hoffman as chairman of the SOM board.

The schedule of the next meetings of the Race Planning Committee have been set and they are as follows: May 4th, May 18th, June 1st, June 22nd (debrief), July 13th, August 3rd, and August 17th. These meetings will be held at Fairchilds unless notified to the contrary.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 10:10 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Sue King


Ray Maliszewski Dave Yeager Val Heun Brian Heun
John W. Bornholdt Meg Meyer Terry Hanushek Matt Wojtkowiak, Sr.
Eric Harding Alex Collins John Borden Bob Childress
Jack Oliver Dan Zane Craig Zane Jay Beckley
Sue King Michael Allenbaugh