SJR Race Planning Committee Meeting Minutes

South Jersey Region-Sports Car Club of America, Inc.

Minutes of the February 16, 2009 Meeting

Chairman, Bob Childress, called the meeting to order at 7:45 PM on Monday evening, February 16, 2009 at Ventura's Restaurant.

Bob asked Terry to go over the task list for the March Drivers School.

Terry reminded all that this drivers school is a JRB event. The whole structure is an equal endeavor - we are down the middle as far as the money and responsibility. The JRB Board has to come up with how to answer as to finances. It was discussed at the last JRB meeting about opening a separate bank account for the JRB.

Brian reported that we are doing an annual tech on the drivers school weekend and he has made arrangements to also have an annual tech on Saturday, February 21st at Lightning. It seems that NJMP wants their flaggers to observe this annual tech to gain additional knowledge. He will post the February 21st information.

Race Administration - The pre-event requirement list (PERL) is in progress. The JRB has a preliminary budget. Terry has developed the schedule; has written the supps; and applied for the sanction. The insurance is in process of being ordered. Val and Terry have sent the entry to online registration (DLB). Mike Allenbaugh and David Teal brought up some apparent conflicts in the schedule as to the PDX and time trial - Terry will make the necessary changes. Dave Yeager let Terry know that he will be assisting Matt Green with the PDX on Saturday. Mike Allenbaugh spoke with Matt Green this past Friday and Mike stated that Matt is on board with what has to be done. Mike also spoke with David Hess who has experience as a chief PDX instructor and Mike is taping David to take on that role for our event. Mike stated that David has expressed interest in this program. JD suggested that Mike make a list of the contacts he has made for instructors.

PDX - Dave Yeager suggested that we get the members of the PHA involved in our program. Terry asked that Mike and Dave give him direction with the final version of the PDX entry material. The PDZ will have two (2) run groups.

Drivers School - Terry has asked Butch O'Connor to be the chief instructor. Meg suggested that we contact Ed Zebrowski, also. Terry felt that this is a good idea and he will mark it down. Terry felt that the identity of the chief instructor will drive the desire for more instructors to come on board.

Hospitality - JD and Dave Hoffman will coordinate. They will be in contact with Ovations for the lunch arrangements. We could possibly set up the hospitality area in the tech garage.

Pre-Event - Sue turned over her contact information for the various hotels in the area and their rates for the weekends. Terry asked if we should have t-shirts. He did state that we should arrange for hats for the instructors. JD will inquire as to costs for the t-shirts and the hats. Mike felt that we have enough paper for the copiers. We will need to stock up on gatorade, water, ice, cups and coolers.

Event - JD and Dave Hoffman will do the planning for the gatorade and water runs. Dan Zane will handle the worker raffle.

Communications - We talked about getting radios from Sync-Speed - Chris Kellett. It was felt that we should have 20 radios. We will use Northern New Jersey's radios for the Adming net and the instructors net. Sync Speed radios will cover the flag net and EV net. Terry will make contact with Chris. We will have to check with the track about antenna requirements. This will be coordinated with the help of Bruce Kolker and Dan Zane.

Registration - Registration is open on line and Val is working with Pay Pal. Terry will check with Val to make sure Pay Pal is accepting the registrants information. Registration will be open at the track on Saturday until 1 PM. There will be a separate registration on Sunday. Val emailed Terry to let him know that Joyce Sinclair will be the chief registrar until Val gets her correct credentials. Terry will check Val about wristbands. Will probably need three (3) different colors.

Tech - Michael Murphy will be chief. Bill Hughes and Bill Etherington will be in attendance as additional help. Michael will check with both Bill's. Dave Yeager asked if there will be a need for a tech inspector for the time trails. In conjunction with the drivers school there will be an annual tech being offered. The PDX group will have a tech sticker affixed to the windshield. Discussion on how to know which PDX car has run the first group and second group. Dots, address labels. Michael will take the lead on this matter.

Timing and Scoring - Jack Oliver and Linda Louie will co-chief. Jack stated that, after speaking with Linda, the decoder has been sent for re-calibration and there is a possibility that it will not show up for the drivers school. Therefore we will rely on the timing light. Can we use the timing light with Orbitz or Chronomix? Jack will investigate. Jack stated that the cars for the time trail will have to have numbers that are able to be read from the timing tower. Johnny B. suggested that T & S have someone go to tech and make sure the time trail numbers are OK. There will be three (3) sets of timed runs with a max of thirty (30) cars. It was suggested that the timing light be placed at the bridge. If timing is done at the bridge there will be a need for power. It was suggested using the generator from our solo trailer - plugging in where the gas pumps are located. Discussion. As to the decoder - WDCR has one that we may be able to borrow. Sue will be going to Maryland on February 28th and she will be able to pick up the decoder and Michael will be going to WDCR drivers school the following weekend after our drivers school and he will be able to return it.

Flag and Communications - In the absence of Dan Zane, Terry identified the Co-Chiefs as Dan Zane and Bruce Kolker. On worker recruiting, Terry stated that we will use the same committee as last year which is Mike Allenbaugh, Dan Zane and Butch O'Connor. Dave Teal stated that we are planning on doing a flag and comm school on Friday evening in conjunction with the drivers school. Dave spoke with Stan Wantland from DC region today and Stan has agreed to put on this school. Where should we hold this school? JD suggested that we utilize the classroom at Thunderbolt. Dave suggested that we use the T & S room at Lightning. Stan will need a whiteboard. Mike Allenbaugh will supply the whiteboard and Sue will supply the easel. Dave will supply the flags and Stan will be provided with a couple of radios.

Start - Dave Teal and Pete Watson will coordinate.

Sound - Alex Collins and Joe Russell will co-chief.

Pit - Randy Bennett and Bart Carlevaro will co-chief.

Grid - Dan Cassino and Diane O'Connor will co-chief.

The next meeting is scheduled for March 2nd.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 9:45 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Sue King


Sue King Mike Allenbaugh David Teal Fay Teal
Michael Murphy Bob Childress Jack Oliver Dave Yeager
Meg Meyer Ray Maliszewski JD King Terry Hanushek
John W. Bornholdt Dan Cassino