SJR Race Planning Committee Meeting Minutes

South Jersey Region-Sports Car Club of America, Inc.

Minutes of the June 2, 2008 Meeting

David Teal called the meeting to order at 7:35 PM on Monday evening, June 2, 2008. David reminded all that we are six weeks until our first event at NJMP Lightning course and he is still looking for a replacement as Chairman of this committee. Our R.E., Jim Tornetta thanked David for taking the chair for the time being.

The minutes of the May 19th were posted and David asked for a motion to approve as posted. Dan made the motion, second by Bob. David had a correction with the spelling of Bob Rivello's name. Minutes approved as corrected.

NJMP Task List - The overall task/activity list was gone over by Terry. There will be a meeting of specialty chiefs and region representatives on June 7th. We will meet at the Dividing Creek Road entrance. Joe Volpe will meet us there and show us around so that we can get a sense of the facility. There will be a debriefing after. David felt that the flagging people will probably be spending a lot of time getting familiar with where the corner stations will be located. Back to the overall activity list - Terry went over the tech inspection and informed all that NJMP and the NJ State Police have the right to inspect a race car at any given time. Discussion on seat belts.

Track inspection - SCCA has gotten out of the track inspection business and they want a track review be done by the Executive Steward. Tom Hoffman will not be able to do this due to a hip replacement operation, therefore, this review will be done by Brian Holtz. This will probably be accomplished on June 21st. The track inspection for Thunderbolt will be set for July 7th.

Under equipment planning, Meg reported that she has requested reports from the various specialty chiefs for their needs. Ray Maliszewski informed all that DC region has offered a lot of their equipment for our use and Terry stated that NNJ region has committed their equipment, also. Meg will coordinate the equipment.

Worker recruitment - Terry stated that Mike Allenbaugh has taken on this responsibility.

Track coordination - David reported that there will be ongoing liaison meetings with the track personnel. Online registration - training is ongoing, pay pal is being investigated for a payment method for entrants.

Disaster plan - Terry reported that the draft for the preliminary plan has been completed.

Race administration for the July event - the schedule has been completed and the sanction application has been sent.

July Regional Activity List - The activity list for the July regional event update #1 dated June 1, 2008 was gone over.

Under race administration - the budget is in progress; the pre event requirement list has been completed; the race schedule is complete; supplemental regulations is complete; the sanction has been applied for and as soon as we receive the sanction number the entry will be posted online. Discussion centered on where sound and black flag stations would be located. That will be determined at the June 7th meeting at the track. Preliminary work has been completed for online registration. DLB is the registration mode of choice.

Track coordination - identifying the track facilities available. Once again that will be determined on June 7th. Defining the track and SJR responsibilities is ongoing through liaison meetings. Eric suggested that we name our first event 'Inaugural Lightning Challenge'. Discussion on his suggestion and all seemed to be in favor. Under hospitality, Terry stated that J.D. has this under control.

Pre-event - J.D. has ordered the trophies and is in the process of ordering the event t-shirts. Mike Allenbaugh is in charge of arranging for and picking up copiers, if needed. Apparently the track is providing the pace car. Meg will order the checkered flags.

Event weekend - J.D. will coordinate getting coolers filled with ice, water and gatorade to the corners. The copying and posting of results, trophy presentation and trophy distribution were discussed as well as victory laps.

Communications - we are working with NNJR for flag and administrative radios. NNJR will make their van available for radio communications.

Registration - discussion on accommodating after hours registration, how best to accomplish this. Will we have photo ID capability and will we provide an entry list for competitors? David suggested that we contact David Hess who put together our program for the mini-convention. David volunteered to contact him.

Timing and scoring - Marie Sheehe and Jeanne Hoffman will co-chief the July event. Meg will coordinate the equipment required. She stated that DC region will be bringing their equipment.

Flag and communications - Dan Zane stated that we will have a full complement of workers from NNJR and DC regions.

Pit - Randy Bennett reported that we will know better after the June 7th meeting.

Grid - Dan Cassino has been in touch with DC region and the O'Connors from NNJR. The location of grid and impound will be determined after June 7th.

Start - David Teal has the equipment necessary and he will identify co-chiefs in the near future.

Worker recruiting is ongoing.

Sound - the location must be determined as the track has a lot of armco. Alex Collins and Terry will get input from Jim Rose of the DC region.

Under emergency services - Ray and Sue will coordinate with John Redden. J.D. will set up a meeting with Ray, Sue and John. Terry asked to be included in this meeting. Ray did bring up his concern about oil clean up. Will this be the track's responsibility? Terry has taken on the task of coordinating the availability of and assigning duties for stewards. Tom Hoffman will be the chairman. Terry is developing the operating procedures for the stewards and is preparing a time for the drivers meeting - probably at lunch time on Saturday of the race weekend.

Old Business - The next JRB meeting will be held on June 21st. Eric asked about sponsorship - what can we offer potential sponsors, can we put sponsors names on the trophies, just what can we do. Discussion on these aspects. David suggested that we continue to pursue sponsors and make these decisions at a later date.

New Business - J.D. expressed thanks to Ed Jenks for taking over the chairmanship of the race planning committee.


The next meetings of the Race Planning Committee will be held on June 16th and June 30th.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 10PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Sue King


Meg Meyer David Teal Sue King John Borden
Bob Childress Mike Murphy Ray Maliszewski John Bornholdt
Dan Zane Jack Oliver Terry Hanushek Dan Cassino
Eric Harding Ray Maliszewski