SJR Race Planning Committee Meeting Minutes

South Jersey Region-Sports Car Club of America, Inc.

Minutes of the March 31, 2008 Meeting

Chairman, David Teal, called the meeting to order at 7:35 PM on Monday evening, March 31, 2008. David called for a motion to approve the minutes of the previous March 2008 meeting as published on our web site. Meg made a motion to accept the minutes as published, second by Dan Cassino. The list of those in attendance for this March 31st meeting is attached.

Worker Symposium/Orientation - J.D. apologized to all about the fact that it did not go off as he had planned - it was better than nothing. We did have not only our members present but a lot of new faces that want to become involved. David felt that it went off better than expected with Meg getting those who attended to sign in - 109 folks showed up (13 of those from the DC Region). Discussion followed on how those in attendance felt about the positive aspects of this orientation - how the members from the various Regions seemed to get into the spirit of the sport. Several people did have the opportunity to take a driving tour of the Lightening course and they felt that that small tour was enough exposure for now. Mike Allenbaugh did state that Ken Grammer did post a thank you on the tracks website to all those who were in attendance. David gave kudos to all of our region members who were there to help.

JRB Report - Terry reported that there has been a brief discussion about the supps for each event with Dave Hoffman from NNJR. There was a long discussion on registration systems. NNJR is locked into the NESCCA system and we, the SJR, is looking strongly at the DLB system as Joyce Sinclair from DC region is familiar with this system and she will be in charge of registration for the first event. David did speak with Terry Roberts, the NNJR registrar, at the Roundtable and David did find out that the NESCCA system does register workers-something we were not aware of-the capability is there. Terry will run the NESCCA system and we will run the DLB system and the two will be evaluated at the end of the year. Terry stated that the next logical step would be to determine the best system to use. Jack Oliver gave an overall of the DLB system that DC region uses and with Meg's input, DC does have some problems with this system, whereas NNJR uses a spreadsheet that both registration and timing and scoring can get information from. Terry feels that this is a challenge for us. It is best for those involved to really look over the DLB system at the DC drivers school and MARRS 1. The Monitor and Orbits systems were also discussed. Johnny Bornholdt stated that AMB will be putting in the loops at both the Lightening and Thunderbolt-Johnny believes there will be a back -up system utilizing a timing light-we need to check this with the track management. Terry Hanushek stated that the Logo has been formally accepted by both Regions (NJRRS and Race Winner logos). A $5 sanction fee will be charged to each car entered. The double at Pocono will be $5 per day per car. The structure of the NJRRS was gone over for the events. David did say that there was some discussion at the JRB meeting about setting up a treasury report. J.D. did say that any out of pocket expenses now will be paid at the end of the year - so hold on to all receipts. Terry did state that the cooperation between both of our regions has far exceeded anything that he had anticipated. Both regions see the importance of making this race venue succeed. Mike Murphy questioned about the logo stickers as each car has to display one on each side of the car. Are the drivers being charged for the logos or are they being given to each driver as part of the sanction fee. It was felt that they will be given to each driver as part of the sanction fee. Any additional logo requested would be charged at $1 each. This will be a decision by the JRB board.

NJMP - J.D. we need to press on as if the track management does not meet all of our requirements. Johnny Bornholdt first impression of the track was that it was going to be the best track in the Northeast. The thing that impressed Johnny was that the track is 40 feet wide and the guard rails are well off the racetrack and they are 3 rails high with the bottom rail being right on the ground. The curbing has been designed for both cars and bikes. Race control does not face into the sun. There is a bridge to the infield so you will not have to shut down and the bridge will accommodate 18 wheelers.

JRB - J.D. had no report. He did go over the logo update. The problem with the initial concept was that the fine detail such as the pine needles would be time consuming and costly to replicate. Discussion followed as to putting our ideas out to those who do this kind of work and maybe letting them come up with a concept. We still need a logo for the JRRC (Jersey Road Racing Championship). J.D. went on to explain that this championship event will be held on the Sunday of the last regional event of the year-no matter who is running it or what track it will be on. The New Jersey Road Racing Series will end on that Saturday of the last regional event and on that Sunday will be the JRRC race-no qualifying, just racing-hardship practice in the AM-racing in the morning, racing in the afternoon and everyone goes home. Hopefully the word will go out that this is an event that people will want to go to-a three day event at NJMP-and the event you will want to go to just like the Fun One at the Glen.

NJMP - J.D. reported the contracts are signed The finer details have yet ' to be worked out, i.e. pit/paddock locations, etc. Brian reported that the track license will cover our events, the license covers the location. J.D. stated that we have to check with the DRBA and the police about what radio frequencies are available for our use. Johnny B. will check on the frequencies. We also have to check on the availability of radios-Northern New Jersey, Tri-Region and, if needed, DC Region.

Activity/Task List - Terry Hanushek stated that the State Racing Regulations has been completed and we are operating under the NJMP license. Track inspection will be set up once we have a track to inspect-this will be coordinated with the issuance of the certificate of occupancy. Equipment planning from the various specialty chiefs is under way and most has been completed. Storage and transportation requirements still need to be examined. Terry feels that it will take 2 to 3 years to get a full compliment of equipment that will be needed to put on successful events. Worker recruitment has been started with the worker symposium and we will need to follow up with those who did show up for this event. Mike Allenbaugh will take on this task J.D. feels that we should have a structured class sometime in May, possibly the weekend of May 3 to train flag and communications, timing and scoring, and registration. Ray felt that we should invite the folks from the Millville Rescue Squad to participate in EV training. Terry did say that the squad will be at MARRS 1. Ray did go on to say that Millville Rescue is contracted to the track and they will have the necessary vehicles available that we require. The liaison for track coordination has been completed and we are reviewing the facilities available. The coordination between NNJR and DC Region has been completed. J.D. has prepared a budget and is in the process of refining it. We still need to approach DC region about funding. Online registration has been gone over. The disaster plan is in the preliminary stages and should be completed in time to send to the Executive Steward in early May. Race administration for the July event is ongoing with the help of Dave Hoffman from NNJR. Event support is being coordinated between J.D. and John Redden. Event planning-hospitality, trophies, etc. is ongoing.

Pro Racing - David has asked Johnny Bornholdt to be the liaison with the track as far as the Pro racing is concerning. There will be IMSA Star Mazda-Formula Mazda and Formula BMW events and on September 14th there will be a Formula Atlantic/Pro Mazda event. These sanctions will bring their own staff for their events and they will probably need us to supply the various specialty chiefs.

Old Business - Mike Murphy asked if anyone knew the whereabouts of the regional log book. David stated that he was working on that and he had contacted Gene Michaux whom David felt was the last person who may have been in possession of it. David said that Gene did not have it but felt that a someone else has it and David will follow up on this.

New Business - David announced that he will not be able to continue serving as the Chairman for this Racing Planning Committee. He asked that someone else will need to step up to take over this position. The Board of Directors will consider this at their next meeting.

The next meeting dates for the Race Planning Committee are as follows: April 28th, May 19th, June 2nd, June 16th, June 30th, July 7th and July 14th.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 9:15 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Sue King