SJR Race Planning Committee Meeting Minutes

South Jersey Region-Sports Car Club of America, Inc.

Minutes of the March 2008 Meeting

Chairman, David Teal, called the meeting to order at 7:45 PM on Monday evening, March 3, 2008. David called for a motion to approve the minutes of the February 2008 meeting as published on our web site. Dan Cassino made a motion to accept the minutes as published, second Meg Meyer. Motion carried. The list of those in attendance is attached.

David started out the meeting stating that we have 19 weeks to our first event at NJMP. David announced that we have a specialty chief for grid and registration. Dan Cassino volunteered to be our chief of grid and Val Heun as chief of registration - these two appointments will have to be approved by the Board of Directors for the Region. Discussion centered on Joyce Sinclair being our chief for our first event at NJMP. Val will be going to the DC Region's drivers school to observe their registration procedures and ask a lot of questions. David suggested that Val attend the May 17-18 National event at Summit Point, once again, to take in a real race procedure and get a lot of first hand experience. John Redden and his folks will be attending the first MARRS event at Summit Point to observe and learn about EV procedures from the DC region personnel.

The field trip to the track on February 23rd was discussed. A lot of pictures were taken and Meg has posted them to our web site. It was well worth the trip even though the weather wasn't all that great.

Worker Symposium - J.D. stated that this worker symposium will be a couple of hours long starting at 11AM. J.D. has contacted the DRBA to see if we can utilize one of their maintenance garages, in case of inclement weather, so that we can look at the track and then retreat back to the garage. There will be an introduction to the track for workers and non-workers alike. J.D. asked David to get a couple of display boards for the outline of the track. The first half hour will bean introduction to the track, an introduction of our club that will be running our races there and what we intend to do, how we intend to run our races at the track- what our general purpose is on putting on these events as one of the leading clubs in road racing. We will then break out into groups interested in our various worker specialties for training. David stated that we should have a lot of workers from the DC Region present to help us with this endeavor. J.D. stated that our main goal is to accomplish workers, to introduce these folks to the track and specialties, get them interested and finally to get them involved. Then we have to get an idea as to how best to follow up on training-we need to get the basics down. We should be finished by 2PM. Terry felt that we should coordinate with Gayle Lorenz from DC Region to get an idea of who is coming and pair them up with our people so that we know how best to organize this event as far as break out groups. David stated that Meg has gotten together a list of workers, drivers and exec's in order to get a notice-either by email or snail mail- out to these folks. Dan volunteered to send the emails-Meg will forward her file to him.

JRB - J.D. had no report. He did go over the logo update. The problem with the initial concept was that the fine detail such as the pine needles would be time consuming and costly to replicate. Discussion followed as to putting our ideas out to those who do this kind of work and maybe letting them come up with a concept. We still need a logo for the JRRC (Jersey Road Racing Championship). J.D. went on to explain that this championship event will be held on the Sunday of the last regional event of the year-no matter who is running it or what track it will be on. The New Jersey Road Racing Series will end on that Saturday of the last regional event and on that Sunday will be the JRRC race-no qualifying, just racing-hardship practice in the AM-racing in the morning, racing in the afternoon and everyone goes home. Hopefully the word will go out that this is an event that people will want to go to-a three day event at NJMP-and the event you will want to go to just like the Fun One at the Glen.

NJMP - J.D. reported the contracts are signed The finer details have yet to be worked out, i.e. pit/paddock locations, etc. Brian reported that the track license will cover our events, the license covers the location. J.D. stated that we have to check with the DRBA and the police about what radio frequencies are available for our use. Johnny B. will check on the frequencies. We also have to check on the availability of radios-Northern New Jersey, Tri-Region and, if needed, DC Region.

Activity/Task List - Terry went over the most current list. On the State regs, David asked Johnny B. if he would go over the regs to make sure that we conform. Brian stated that we could possibly ask for exemptions from the State. Johnny stated that these rules were prepared on what the State considered to be some racing organizations rules and not SCCA rules. Once, again, all felt that Johnny should take a look at the rules and regs and report at the next meeting. David will take care of coordinating the heads of specialties of the DC Region along with Terry. About the on-line registration-whether we should use the NESCCA system or the DLB system-it was felt that the DLB system is the better of the two although NNJ Region uses the NESCCA system. David talked with Beth Mills from DC about the DLB system which was set up by workers and registrars-there is no way to register workers on the NESCCA system. The chiefs of specialty know before the race weekend just how many workers will be present for that event. Terry stated that, at the next JRB meeting, he will bring up our strong desire to use the DLB system. Discussion followed. The track inspection will probably be scheduled for June this will be coordinated through Tom Hoffman, Executive Steward pending completion of track. Under equipment planning, it is necessary to come up with a list of what is needed and then to determine a source for those needs and examine storage/transportation needs. Under the budget, J.D. handed out a preliminary costs sheet, he asked everyone to look it over and, if needed/necessary, plug in any empty areas. Terry is developing the disaster plan.

Pro Racing - The Speed World Challenge is the weekend after our September event. David reached out to Dee Dawkin and Kathy Mallick to let them know that we are here if there is a need for workers. Johnny B. will call Dee and ask her. Terry stated that the Chairman for Pro Racing is Brian Holtz. We are putting on a Pro F2000 race in conjunction with our September weekend.

Old Business - None

New Business - David announced that Meg will be attending the Roundtable in Ithaca NY on the weekend of March 15-16. She will have the opportunity to make an announcement about our worker symposium to be held March 29th.

Our next meeting of this committee is March 31, 2008.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 9:20 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Sue King


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