SJR Race Planning Committee Meeting Minutes

South Jersey Region-Sports Car Club of America, Inc.

February 4, 2008

Chairman, David Teal, called the meeting to order at 7:40 PM on Monday evening, February 4, 2008. Sue read the minutes of the January 2008 meeting. David had one correction to the minutes and that was the spelling of the first name of Gayle (minutes showed Gail) Lorenz. With that being corrected, Sue Marshall made a motion to approve the minutes as corrected, second J.D. King. Motion carried. The list of those in attendance is attached.

David asked for the Board of Directors approval on the latest specialty heads as follows:
Mike Murphy, Chief of Tech; Ray Maliszewski, Chief of EV with Sue Marshall as Co-Chief; Mike Allenbaugh as Worker Liaison. Val Heun has agreed to take on the aspects of registration but feels she need a lot of direction from the registration community. J.D. stated that, on that note, he has been in communication with Joyce Sinclair from the DC Region who has offered to come to all of our events this year to help with getting our folks familiar with the ins and outs of registration. J.D. will continue to be in contact with her. Mike Allenbaugh asked that those in attendance this evening get to him before leaving so that he has all of your correct contact information and the specialty you will be in charge of.. Mike further stated that he has been contacted via our web site - Scott B. wants to be in involved in flagging and Ryan Broderick would like to be involved in tech. Mike stated that he has been on the various Region's forums recruiting for workers. David asked Mike to keep a list of all interested parties. David said that he has some changes of our committee members as far as contact information. He will send all revisions by email. David asked what license grade Joyce Sinclair holds and it was found to be a National license grade, therefore, should we ask her to be our Chief. Fay stated that we should 'invite' her to take on that task.

David spoke with DC Region and they are totally on board with the new race facility and giving us a helping hand in the area of organization. Their chiefs are especially on board and would like to come up for a field trip - possibly in March or April. The opinion of the group is that the sooner the better for DC to get a feeling for the track. J.D. suggested that we allow their Region to make the decision on when they would like to come up. David asked if there are any buildings for conducting training - J.D. replied that there are some buildings up, although not completed. David stated that the DC drivers are even anxious to come up and see our track - they are looking to put on a MARRS event possibly next year. Sue said that it's like the Field of Dreams - build it and they will come. David said that DC would like to see some of our workers come to the Drivers School and possibly MARRS 1 at Summit Point. J.D. said exactly that is why we need to have our first volunteer meeting prior to the end of March and let these volunteers know, by the way there is a Drivers School at Summit Point and right behind that there is a National at Summit Point and by the way there is a MARRS event at Summit Point so that if our volunteers want some experience in working an event these three events at Summit would be one way of getting hands on experience. David stated that the Drivers school is the first weekend in April (5th & 6th) and the MARRS event is April 26th and 27th. David asked Brian if Val would like to attend these events and work in registration. J.D. felt that our timeline is primary. If Mike gets mailings that people are interested in working a specialty then we should let them know when our meeting is going to be held. J.D. stated that he will put an agenda together to get all of our points covered. Sue also reminded all that on the application form for new members there is a spot for current members to put their name and member number so that, not only does the new member get a discount for the first years membership but the current member referring this new member also gets a discount on their membership renewal. J.D. painted a scene that we have a F2000 event coming this year and we will be paid to work that event-realizing a generous income which we can give a discount to those workers who work this one event or a number of events - think about it creating an incentive program.

JRB (Jersey Racing Board) - Members are J.D. King, Jim Tornetta and possibly Terry Hanushek. Terry will be attending the next meeting. One of the things put together by this board are the Pro IT rules and David thanked Johnny Bornholdt for helping with his suggestions. Northern New Jersey region have worked on the NJRRCS and the Pro IT rules. Changes have been made and they are looking pretty good.

David reported that John Borden, J.D. and Brian Heun are putting the budget together.

Track - David reported that the track has a new track manager, Ken Grammar. David asked J.D., as track liaison, if he has been in contact with Ken Grammar. David felt that if we present the fact that we are the region of record and ask Ken what can we do for them and what we need from them. J.D. will make an attempt to contact him. Brian and J.D. are working on the contract. David went over the task list created by Terry Hanushek. Johnny Bornholdt went over the equipment planning and felt that each one of the specialties should be responsible. Mike Murphy presented the Tech startup tools list, and asked about a log book written for South Jersey Region and just where that book may be. David will contact Gene Michaux to see if he may know the whereabouts of the book. Johnny went on about administrative coordination. He felt that this should be between our Region, Northern New Jersey Region, the Club office and the track. Someone should be tagged with that - the Race Chairman? Johnny felt that one person cannot do it all - that it should be a team effort. The schedule has to go to National and then the drivers - 45 days turnaround - then to the executive steward. Johnny felt that this is a good list. John Borden will establish a liaison with the NJ State Police. Johnny felt that we should meet with them (State Police) when they come to inspect the track. J.D. will continue to try coordinating with the State Police about being on the advisory board. Under track inspection - Terry has taken care of this aspect on the task list and has contact the Executive Steward, Tom Hoffman. Worker recruitment - Mike Allenbaugh, J.D. and Jack Oliver. Track coordination will initially be handled by J.D. Finances will be taken on by John Borden, Brian Heun and J.D. and the due date for the budget will be in April. NNJR coordination - J.D., Jim Tornetta, Terry Hanushek, David Teal and possibly Andrew Zimmerman. WDCR coordination - David Teal has made contact with the DC region.

Discussion for online registration - it was felt that the DLB system was the one that should be selected as most registrars are more familiar with it.

David Teal has been assigned to review this system. The disaster plan has been assigned to Terry Hanushek and he will have it completed by May 1st. Race administration for the July event as been assigned to Terry Hanushek with help from J.D. J.D. went over the proposed time line. Discussion centered on event support and what will be required of us and what will be required of the track. This has been assigned to John Redden who will coordinate with the race chairman. David will contact John Redden. Event planning (hospitality, trophies, facilities, equipment, etc.) J.D. Jack Oliver, Ed Jenks and ALL members. David would like all members present to go over the task list and come up with any additional suggestions, if needed.

J.D. reminded all that the next JRB meeting will be February 9th in Manahawkin.

Old Business - None

New Business - None

The next meeting of the Race Planning Committee will be March 3, 2008 and the following meeting will be March 31, 2008.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 9:15 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Sue King