SJR Race Planning Committee Meeting Minutes

South Jersey Region-Sports Car Club of America, Inc.

January 14, 2008

Chairman, David Teal, called the meeting to order at 7:38 PM on Monday, January 14, 2008. David greeted all those in attendance (see attached) and stated that this was an historic meeting and a new tradition for the South Jersey Region. Sue King has volunteered as the Secretary for the committee. Members attending the meeting introduced themselves.

David read the purpose of our committee - "To plan for and meet all challenges in this historic endeavor to be able to conduct South Jersey Region of the SCCA races at our new race track - New Jersey Motorsports Park. To meet and exceed the grand tradition of the South Jersey Region as in: 'We did it before, we can do it again'". This committee will, hopefully, warp into our Competition Committee, David further stated. J.D. made a motion to approve the purpose. Second by Meg. The purpose was approved by all those attending.

David asked if there was anyone who would like to initiate a time line - J.D King volunteered to take on this task. Terry Hanushek will email a time line to J.D.

Specialty Chiefs -
J.D. King - Race Chairman
Dan Zane - Flag & Communications
Terry Hanushek, Sue King, John Bornholdt - Stewards
    (Terry will communicate with Executive Chief Steward, Tom Hoffman) David Teal - Chief Starter
Alex Collins - Sound, Pit & Paddock (for now)
Mike Murphy - Tech
Jack Oliver, Meg Meyer - Timing & Scoring (with help from NNJR)
Sue Marshall - EV (Sue will check with Ray M.)
John Redden - Medical (Millville Rescue Squad)
Walt Michael - Grid (J.D. to contact)
Val Heun - Registration (Brian to get her OK)

Discussion centered on the requirements for registration - programs available, creating a registration team. David stated that DC Region has offered, through their RE, Gail Lorenz, to come up and help us teach our personnel what is entailed to chief each specialty. David will firm this up with Gail within the week. J.D. felt that this is the perfect opportunity for DC Region to bring the MARRS series to South Jersey. Terry did point out that we will be dealing with Area One and Area Two workers - who, at times, are different in their working environments. David asked who make up the Jersey Racing Board - J.D. and Jim Tornetta for South Jersey Region and Darryl Anthony and Dave Hoffman (?) for Northern New Jersey Region. There will be a total of six (6) members total - three (3) from each Region.

Track - David asked J.D. who holds the contract for SCCA events at the NJMP. J.D. stated that each Region holds their own contract - there are separate contracts for each event. J.D. further stated that outside Regions must ask our permission to run events at NJMP. NJMP will supply the following - ambulances, fire rescue and wreckers. David asked J.D. what is included with the track rental. J.D. will get the definitive answer to that question and he will check on the availability of scales. J.D. will, also, check on radio communications with NNJR and DC regions. Terry will initiate the track inspection with National. J.D. spoke about the Jersey Road Racing Championship Series (JRRCS)

Budget - J.D. stated it will cost, on average, about $80,000.00 per event. Ideas were tossed around as to how best to get funding - from a letter of credit to short term bank loans.

Race Schedule - Terry will do the supps. J.D. will come up with race groups. John Bornholdt asked if a representative from the State is needed to be contacted for licensing. J.D. replied that is up to NJMP. John Borden will check to make sure about licensing. Discussion followed. David stated that NJMP is sanctioned by the State of New Jersey.

The next meeting of this committee will be on Monday, February 4, 2008.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 9:15 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Sue King