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Rally America announces $1000 Bonus f...

megmeyer's Photo megmeyer 12 Aug 2010

From the Forums at Rally America (now Rally Car): Actual Post

I keep hearing that the guys with small engine, 2WD cars arenít coming to the first rallycross because theyíre concerned about being beat up by the bigger 2WD cars. So today Iím announcing a prize of $1,000 to the top finishing 2WD car whose engine meets our Group 2 rules.

The RallyCar Group 2 rules can be broadly described as naturally aspirated under 3.0 liter engines. There are certain restrictions which can be found in Article 10.2.A.9 (p. 80) of the Rally America rally rules. Note that only the engine restrictions apply to this prize, not the Group 2 weight restrictions.