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Workers of all types needed!

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Posted 29 July 2010 - 01:10 PM

This is worker recruitment, but not for NJMP (at least not exclusively).

Your region needs you. We have 400 members now. Quite a few active solo, rally, and road racers.

While we have a very good worker core (for Road Racing), we need depth. At all positions! I can only speak from personal experience (which is in Timing and Scoring), but I am sure we need workers everywhere. We could even use a few chiefs! If we had more than 1 at each specialty, then everyone could take a weekend off if they needed it.

So, my cry for help is to all those who are members, and are not active in anything, or who are active in one thing, and might have some time to try out a few road racing worker specialties.

Feel free to come to a weekend event, and try out a specialty - or two - or three. If you start one, and don't like it, move on, and try something else. You are volunteers. You are supposed to have fun! Meet new people, make new friends, enjoy the overall camaraderie at the race track. Get psyched watching 2 or 3 cars battle it out for whatever position they are racing for. It happens all over the track!

Talk to the drivers, and make sure they are ready to go on the grid. Talk to them when they come off the track - see what they need, or tell them their transponder was not working - in the pits.

Work Sound Control. If we had more than one person, you could take shifts, and enjoy the racing at the best corner during the rest of the day.

Work Tech. Make sure the cars are safe - especially after an on-track incident. Make sure they meet requirements (like weight, ground-clearance, and other things) at impound. Help drivers weigh their cars before it is an issue, so they know how much to add (or subtract - pounds=horsepower!)

Work corners! Flaggers are a life-line to the drivers. Let them know what the track conditions are, help them after they spin out, or crash. See the action up-close and personal!

Work registration. Meet EVERYONE as the come to the track. Iron out any problems, late entries, minor waivers, take pictures and assemble their SCCA ID cards.

Work T&S. Tape the cars as they go by. Learn how to work the hot and cold computers, learn how to produce the results that the drivers are always so anxious to see! Help copy and distribute those results. T&S is a great place for youngsters. We can always use young legs to run up and down stairs, teach them to tape or use the computers. Very kid-friendly! T&S has the advantage of being temperate and dry all the time! (AC/Heat - inside) And we have lots of good munchies!

Work Start! Not quite a corner, but the starter does a lot of the same things as a flag station. With the added bonus of determining if the field deserves the green, and waving it appropriately. Plus, the 1-lap-to-go sign, and then the checker. And, a back-up person is charting the race so the starter knows who the leader is. And radio communication is a must (as with Flagging).

Be a race-host. Welcome competitors as they arrive, and help them find the right paddock space. Walk around during the day, see how everyone is doing. Generally, be a nice guy (or gal)! Drivers love the feeling of personal attention! Also, this could include helping with the party on Saturday night - get the food setup, cook, get the beer on ice. This happens on Friday night, when there is a test day. Again - the more people who help, the faster everything goes, and the less burden is placed on one or two people!

Be a trophy person. Be available on Sunday afternoon to hand out trophies to very happy drivers! And this could also include handing out t-shirts to workers and drivers. We are still working on logistics for that.

Be an equipment manager! Help the few (right now) people who unload everything on Friday (or Thursday) night, and load it all back up on Sunday. More hands makes it go much faster.

It is all very fun. The more, the merrier.

Contact me (webmaster@sjr-scca.org or private message on this board or post here) if you are interested in any of the above!
SJR Webmaster, Chief of Timing & Scoring

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