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New Jersey Motorsports Park Needs YOU!

speednby's Photo speednby 28 Jan 2008

Greetings Fellow SJR SCCA Members:

With the opening of NJMP, and the fact that the SCCA will conduct 4 racing events on the 2 new circuits there in 2008, the South Jersey Region SCCA needs your help now more than ever. We need interested people that are willing to be officials and spend some time at the track enjoying the camaraderie and excitement of wheel to wheel racing.

In addition to the call for all specialties, we are particularly in need of corner workers. Those interested in becoming corner marshals will have the added benefit of being able to work all professional events, as well as private club days. So the chances to enjoy your passion will be numerous. Just check out the busy 2008 NJMP schedule at www.njmotorsportspark.com.

But flagging may not be your thing. So, if you find computers easy and second nature then you might want to dabble in registration, or timing & scoring. If you are a professional or volunteer Fireman, or an EMT, perhaps you would be interested in emergency services. If you like turning wrenches, tech and scrutineering might be for you. If you like to be right in the middle of the action, you canít get any closer than working on grid or in the pits.

These are exciting times in the South Jersey and the surrounding regions for the motorsports enthusiast. And you can be a part of it. If interested please contact me (Mike Allenbaugh) via PM on this forum, or via email at mrallenbaugh@comcast.net. Training sessions for specialties are being planned and will be put into effect in the Spring of 2008.

speednby's Photo speednby 07 Feb 2008

Bump for more help!

speednby's Photo speednby 12 Mar 2008

Hello Folks,

South Jersey Region & Northern New Jersey Region SCCA, along with lots of help from Washington DC Region, will be holding a symposium for all workers, potential workers & drivers to introduce all to the track and to begin training new workers. Below is a copy of the invite from SJR Race Planning Committee Chairman David Teal:


What: Worker Symposium

When: March 29, 2008 at 11 AM

Where: New Jersey Motorsports Park, Millville, NJ

Who: All Workers, Drivers and potential workers

Why: For new members: an introduction to SCCA
For all: an introduction to a brand new race track in the North East Division

Presented by the South Jersey and Northern New Jersey Regions with lots of help from the Washington DC Region

Our plan is to have an introduction to the Lightning race course at New Jersey Motorsports Park for all who would like to have a look at this course before we go racing, There has been a lot of construction going on since the middle of last year including the first layer of asphalt on this course. Two buildings have been erected at this site and although they are not yet completed are on schedule to be completed by the opening of Lightning in July of this year.

For new members and potential new workers we will have a brief introduction to SCCA and then, for whoever is interested in any of the worker specialties, we will provide break out groups with experienced members for more questions and answers.

The main thrust of the day, however, will be the track visit. Track officials have graciously allowed SJR/NNJR members and their quests to visit and walk the track grounds. (Weather permitting)

We also hope you will become familiar with the town of Millville. There are many places to eat and several motels in the area. And along with Wheaton Village and the Millville Army Air Field Museum many places to see and visit.

To get directions please use this web site: http://www.njmotorsp...directions.html
You can use Google maps or just enter your starting point and Mapquest will do the rest.

We hope to see as many of you who can make it on Saturday, March 29th

Please RSVP to: J.D. King @ john@dominiontitleservices.com
David Teal @ lcms2@comcast.net 610-566-4795

Be sure to check out our web site www.njrrs.com for additional information and in the case of inclement weather for another gathering place.

Ken Grammer's Photo Ken Grammer 30 Mar 2008

It was a pleasure seeing you all at the SCCA/NJMP event Saturday.

Stacey and I were in leadership positions in Alabama Region when Mr. Barber was building Barber Motorsports Park, so we know how exciting this time if for everyone. Thank you all for your patience and understanding with the limited tour Saturday. We hope to be in a position soon to host a formal welcome at the facility, but we simply need some more time to get some of the heavy construction work finished.

Again, thank you all. We are excited to be here and can't wait for July to arrive so we can see wheel to wheel action!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to e-mail us!

speednby's Photo speednby 02 Jul 2008

Hello All,

I just wanted to copy everyone with the following message from the Lightning Challenge Race Chairperson, JD King. As you can see, registration is open for the inaugural Lighting Challenge to be contested on the Lightning course at the New Jersey Motorsports Park the weekend of July 19 Ė 20. The race is less than three weeks away, and I hope you all are as excited as I am!

I want to encourage all of you to get involved by coming out and helping us put on a great inaugural weekend. I would especially like to encourage those who might be thinking ďI donít knowÖ I donít have any experience, I didnít get any training, I would just be in the way.Ē Those thoughts couldnít be farther form the truth. We welcome newcomers with open arms. And we are prepared to give you the necessary training you need to be involved in the action.

I also want to touch on another subject. There have been some questions about needing an SCCA membership in order to work a club race. The short answer is, yes, you must be a club member in order to work a race. But you donít need to be a full member. Weekend memberships are available for $15.00. However, there is a program for the new club racing volunteer that gives you your first weekend membership FREE !! Annual dues are then at a reduced rate of $30 for each of your first three years. This covers both your national and your regional dues. To receive the reduced fee the second and third year, the volunteer is required to have participated in at least four days in the last year. Existing members with less than three years of membership can take advantage of this program.

For the established club racing volunteer, there is a program that provides membership dues and recognition based upon participation days:

Four days $15 membership discount
Six days $22 membership discount
Eight days $30 membership discount
Twelve or more $30 discount, recognition in SportsCar magazine, and a special ID card.

So, read the below email, get online, and VOLUNTEER! I am looking forward to seeing you all AT THE RACES!

Best Regards,
Mike Allenbaugh
SJR SCCA Worker Liaison


A message from the South Jersey Region of the SCCA and the New Jersey Road Racing Series.

As most of you know the Lightning track at New Jersey Motorsports Park in Millville will be opening and the SCCA's first event will be July 19-20, 2008. If you have questions please contact either Michael Allenbaugh or J.D. King.

Registration open for South Jersey Region Lightning Challenge at NJMP on July 19 & 20

Check www.DLBRacing.com? or click below...

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Visit the New Jersey Motorsports Park website

Some key areas of interest are:

Rules and Forms
2008 NJMP Facility Rules
New Jersey Motor Vehicle Racetrack Regulations - Chapter 62
2008 Personal Paddock Vehicle Registration Form
SCCA July Test Day Entry Form
2008 Vendor Policies

Upcoming Events:

07/05/08 - Driving Impressions Pro-IT Tri POC
07/05-06/08 - Tri-Region Independence Double Regional TRI POC
07/06/08 - Tri-Region Independence Enduro Tri POC
07/19-20/08 - Inaugural Lightning Challenge Regional SJY NJMP
08/02/08 - Driving Impressions Pro-IT - Round 3 NNJ LRP
08/01-02/08 - Evergreen Performance/Driving Impressions National NNJ LRP
08/16-17/08 - Pocono Double National Day 1 TRI POC
08/22-24/08 - Regional NNJ NJMP
08/23/08 - Driving Impressions Pro-IT - Round 4 NNJ NJMP
09/20-21/08 - Regional with Pro F2000 SJY NJMP
10/17-19/08 - Jersey Road Racing Classic (JRRC) Regional NNJ NJMP
10/18/08 - Driving Impressions Pro-IT - Round 5 10/18/2008 NNJ NJMP
10/19/08 - Driving Impressions Pro-IT - Finale NNJ NJMP

bheun's Photo bheun 03 Jul 2008

Thanks Mike, the worker count just jumped! Plenty of room for more though. Especially in registration ;)

Edit: It's Val, sorry to disguise myself. After I posted I realized I was logged in as Brian.