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Looking for pics for new site header


megmeyer's Photo megmeyer 07 Aug 2007

Hello, all!

I am looking to do a minor re-design on our site, and would like to get a new picture up! Please do not post pics here, but please DO email them to me [webmaster@sjr-scca.org]!

I am looking for a decent action shot - hill climb, solo, rally, road racing, pdx, whatever! Please do not crop the pics at all - I may need more width than you think is necessary, and I may need to crop creatively to get it to fit into the header.

All submissions will be given equal consideration, and PLEASE, don't feel slighted if I don't pick yours. It will have nothing to do with personal feelings, only what I feel will look the best, and fit into the site the best.

Thanks in advance!