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14" Lightweight 4x100 wheels...

Silv3rBull3tNJ's Photo Silv3rBull3tNJ 30 Mar 2006

Miata wheels would be ideal... 14x6 or wider... If anyone has any lying around or knows where to get a cheap set please let me know! -Kyle

AIM name: Sk1boardervt

Guest_waveydavey_* 31 Mar 2006

I have a set of 14x7s that I'm not using at the moment... Borbet Type Ts. I also have an old set of R3So3s. The tires I'm definitely not going to use, but the wheels I might be willing to sell. :)

Silv3rBull3tNJ's Photo Silv3rBull3tNJ 01 Apr 2006

You might be willing to part with them? :) Details.. Offset/Centerbore/Price/Condition... I just hate the old school MR2 wheels I have for my R's now... -Kyle

Guest_waveydavey_* 03 Apr 2006

4x100, I think the offset is somewhere around 35-38

no idea what the centerbore is... but used for 88-91 CRX Si, if that helps.

jv's Photo jv 03 Apr 2006

Not exactly the width you want, but they are cheap...


Suzanne's Photo Suzanne 20 Jan 2009

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