unologospeedracewayMonthly Meetings are held on the Second Wednesday of each month at Uno Chicago Grill, 2803 Route 73, Maple Shade, NJ 08052. 856-722-5577. Meeting starts at 8pm, but come early for some good food and conversations! Directions can be found on Uno's direction page.


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2014 SJR Club Racing Events

Date of EventEvent Name/LocationResults
4/22-23/2014 March Lion Driver's School  
4/25-26/2014 5th Annual Devil in the Dark 12-hour 2014 Devil in the Dark Results
5/10-11/2014 Joe Deluca / Linda Gronlund Freedom Races - Pocono Freedom Races Results
5/10-11/2014 Fidelity Power Systems ProIT Round 1 - Supporintg the Freedom Races at Pocono ProIT Round 1 Results
5/31-6/1/2014 Fidelity Power Systems ProIT Rounds 2 & 3 - supporting ARCA at NJMP Thunderbolt ProIT Rounds 2 & 3 Results
6/5/2014 Jersey Devil Test Day - NJMP Thunderbolt  
6/6-8/2014 Jersey Devil Majors - NJMP Thunderbolt Jersey Devil Results
6/27/2014 Lightning Challenge Test Day - NJMP Lightning  
6/28-29/2014 7th Annual Lightning Challenge/NEDCS - NJMP Lightning Lightning Challenge Results
6/29/2014 Fidelity Power Systems ProIT Round 4- Supporting the Lightning Challenge - NJMP Lightning ProIT Round 4 Results
7/19/2014 Fidelity Power Systems ProIT Round 5 - Supporting the July Sprints at The Glen (GLEN) ProIT Round 5 Results
8/9-10/2014 TriRegion Laps to Conquer MS NEDCS - Pocono LCMS NEDCS Results
8/15/2013 Summer Thunder Test Day - NJMP Thunderbolt  
8/16-17/2014 Summer Thunder - NJMP Thunderbolt Summer Thunder Results
8/17/2014 Fidelity Power Systems ProIT Round 6 - Supporting Summer Thunder at NJMP Thunderbolt ProIT Round 6 Results
8/29-31/2014 Fidelity Power Systems ProIT Rounda 7 & 8 - Supporting F2000 at Thompson Speedway ProIT Rounds 7 & 8 Results
10/4-5/2014 Fidelity Power Systems ProIT Round 9 - Supporting The Last Chance at the Glen (GLEN) ProIT Round 9 Results
10/17/2014 The Prelude - NJMP Thunderbolt (with Chicane) Prelude Results
10/18-19/2014 Jersey Road Racing Classic - NJMP - Thunderbolt JRRC Results

SJR Upcoming Events