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NJMP New Jersey Motorsports Park featuring . . . Thunderbolt Raceway. For details about the tracks, click on the Thunderbolt graphic.

For accumulated information about the area around the track, we have started a page. This will include restaurant info, accomadations info, and anything else anyone sends me that seems useful to the participants of our events at NJMP. The page is SJR at NJMP.

SJR actively seeking workers for all aspects of New Jersey Motorsports Park Events!

If you are interested in getting involved, please contact the Don Colanero. (Send an inquiry to Don) Currently, we are compiling a database of interested people, what may interest them, and contact information.

If you have questions of any kind about this, contact Don, or any of the specialty chiefs or BOD members listed on our Contacts page.

We are actively recruiting members for all endeavors of the SCCA. We offer the following activities: Registration, Pit, Grid, Tech, Timing and Scoring, Paddock, Flagging and Communications, Sound, Emergency Services, Start, Trophies, and Hospitality.

For a description of each specialty, please visit the NEDiv Volunteers Page. Another source of information is the SCCA Get Involved. Information on the specialties, and information on how the worker rewards program works are available on this page.

2014 SJR Club Racing Events

Date Name/Location of Event Details/Pre-Registration Results
NJRRS Events ProIT Events
3/22-23/14 March Lion Driver's School/Test Day - NJMP - Lightning Thanks to all the volunteers and entrants. It was a great event!
4/25-26/14 5th Annual Devil in the Dark 12-hour - NJMP - Thunderbolt
Supps for Test Day and 12-hour
TEST DAY - Any Closed Wheel
Test Day Register Test Day Volunteer
Test Day Entries Test Day Volunteers
Devil in the Dark 12-Hour
Driver Register Volunteer Register
Entries Volunteers
5/10-11/14 Joe Deluca and Linda Gronlund Freedom Races - NNJR/TriRegion - Pocono
Supps for Regional and ProIT
Freedom Races Regional
Freedom Races Register Freedom Races Volunteer
Freedom Races Entries Freedom Races Volunteers
5/10-11/14 Fidelity Power Systems ProIT Round 1 - Pocono
Support for the Joe Deluca/Linda Gronlund Freedom Races
Fidelity Power Systems ProIT Round 1
ProIT Register ProIT Entries
5/31-6/1/14 Fidelity Power Systems ProIT Rounds 2 and 3 - NJMP Thunderbolt Support for the ARCA Series - along with TransAm and World Challenge TC  
6/5/14 Jersey Devil Test Day - NJMP Thunderbolt    
6/6-8/14 Jersey Devil National/ US Majors Event - NJMP Thunderbolt US Majors Tour returns to NJMP. One of seven Majors in the Eastern Conference.  
6/27/2013 Lightning Challenge Test Day - NJMP Lightning    
6/28-29/14 Lightning Challenge - NJRRS - NJMP Lightning 7th Annual Lightning Challenge - includes Fidelity ProIT Round 4  
6/28-29/2013 Fidelity Power Systems ProIT Round 4 - NJMP Lightning Supporting the Lightning Challenge Regional  
7/19-20/14 Fidelity Power Systems ProIT Round 5 - Watkins Glen Supporting the July Sprints Regional - hosted by Glen region.
8/15/14 Summer Thunder Test Day - NJMP Thunderbolt    
8/16-17/14 Summer Thunder - NJRRS/NARRC - NJMP Thunderbolt Includes ProIT Round 6  
8/17/14 Fidelity Power Systems ProIT Round 6 - NJMP Thunderbolt Supporting the Summer Thunder Regional  
8/29-31/14 Fidelity Power Systems ProIT Rounds 7 & 8 - Thompson Speedway Supporting F1600, F2000, and Atlantic Pro Series'  
10/4-5/14 Fidelity Power Systems ProIT Round 9 - Watkins Glen Supporting the Last Chance weekend - hosted by Glen region.  
10/17/14 The Prelude - NJMP Thunderbolt - with Chicane!    
10/18-19/2013 Jersey Road Racing Classic - NJRRS on Thunderbolt Be a part of the "Jerk"!  

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