South Jersey Region-Sports Car Club of America, Inc.

October 2009

The October 2009 meeting of the Board of Directors for the South Jersey Region of the Sports Car Club of America, Inc. was held at the home of J.D. King on Wednesday evening, October 7, 2009. The meeting was called to order by R.E., Jim Tornetta at 8 PM.

Present were: Jim Tornetta, Jim Wakemen, Meg Meyer, Brian Heun, Bob Childress, J.D. King and Sue King.

Jim Tornetta has gathered up the Treasurer's paperwork which will be turned over to Sue King for the time being. Meg questioned if John Borden has an e-file which can be turned over to the next treasurer. Sue will check with John.

Membership - Meg reported that we have 362 paid members.

Rally - Jim Wakemen reported on our most recent rally, Every Witch Way... Sue and her daughter ran the event and she stated that there were 10 entrants, one of which did not show up at the end of the event. Jim said that this is not unusual. Jim further reported that the USRRC Challenge is coming up later this month and is being run in Wisconsin. Jim went on to tell about a recent purchase of a Wartburg 311 (1958) and regaled the board members with his adventures of getting it home.

Solo - Brian reported on the last event. There were only 27 entrants due to the inclement weather. These folks got 8 runs apiece and most retired to the nearest restaurant by 1:30 PM. The next event will be held on October 25th at Camden County College. Brian has been approached by NJMP to run a winter series which will consist of 4 events. Both Brian and Mike have been asked to run this series by NJMP. NJMP has their own insurance and they would like to use our timing and scoring equipment. NJMP has offered to give our club a donation but it was felt that we could make other arrangements for our racing venue at the track. Brian will e-mail NJMP with the Board's input. Mike Allenbaugh reported that our bid was accepted by Delran and we are now the proud owners of a 1973 Chevy sidestep van which will be fitted out to be used for our solo and race endeavors.

Banquet - Brian reported that he has approached the Mays Landing Country Club and they are willing to accommodate us. It was suggested that we check with NJMP Officers Club. J.D. will check and get back with an answer. The banquet is planned for the third week in January.

Elections - Meg and Mike are up for re-election along with John Borden who has decided not to run. Craig Robson, our Solo co-chair, has expressed his interest on being on the Board.. He has only been a member since May of this year and our by-laws requirement is that you have to be a member for one year before running for the Board. Meg make a motion to waive that requirement. This motion was seconded by Mike. It was put to a vote and the motion carried. Fay, who is chairing the election committee, will be notified.

JRB - Sue reported that Terry Hanushek has almost finalized the July and August race audits and, once completed, a check for one-half of the net proceeds will be going to NNJR. Our next event is the JRRC race on October 17th & 18th which will be held on the Lightning course.

Old Business - The Board did a recount of this year's events. It was felt that, with all of our members help, we had a successful year in spite of the economy. Jim Tornetta recounted on the e-mails he had received from Topeka with reports from the drivers and workers on the races held at NJMP - how much they enjoyed our events.

New Business - J.D. reported on the passing of Fay's dad, Stanley Avis. The Board expressed their condolences to Fay and David and Fay's family.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 9PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Sue King