South Jersey Region-Sports Car Club of America, Inc.

March 2009

The March 2009 meeting of the Board of Directors for the South Jersey Region of the Sports Car Club of America, Inc. was held at the home of Brian Heun on Thursday evening, March 5, 2009. The meeting was called to order by R.E., Jim Tornetta at 8:20 PM.

Present were: Jim Tornetta, Bob Childress, Jim Wakemen, JD King, Mike Allenbaugh, Meg Meyer, Brian Heun, Sue King and John Borden. Guest was Val Heun.

Treasurer's Report - John reported that we have $1,500.00 in the general account; $1,600.00 in the race account; and $3,000.00 in the money market account.
As an aside, Jim Tornetta asked if we should consider ordering novice permits for our drivers school later this month. Discussion centered on the cost to the club and making sure that the driver, who may show up without the permit, should have the medical in hand.. It was felt that we should order at least two (2) of them just in case someone comes without. Cost to the driver will be the same as National's. Sue will order from National.

Solo Report - Brian reported that the next event will be held at NJMP on March 8th. The coming weekend looks to be outstanding. Brian got a call from Frank Gruber who is in charge of the food and beverage stand. Frank wanted to know if he could open and sell food to the competitors. Brain told him that he could see no reason not to. Brian will post this information on the South Jersey and Philadelphia forums that there would be food and drink available. Camden County College has signed the contract and the dates that we submitted were accepted. Brian and Mike decided that the Saturday of Easter weekend date will be dropped. The rental cost has remained the same which is $600.00 for the day. There may be some changes to some of the dates - May, September, and October. It seems that Delaware Park in Wilmington may be available for those dates. JR Fisher from Philadelphia Region contacted Brian and asked if we might be interested in getting some dates at this venue to keep this location as a viable one. JD inquired if we could do an event at NJMP sometime in November. Brian and Mike will consider this option as they could see no reason not to include it in the schedule. Discussion on trophies.

PDX & Time Trials - Jim Tornetta covered this as to who would be eligible to run these events which are being put on in conjunction with the drivers school on the weekend of March 21 & 22, 2009. It seems there was a question about roll bars and what the rules are that cover the requirements. Discussion followed. Mike stated that we should follow the PDX rule book.

Rally Report - Jim Wakemen reported that March 28th is scheduled for the March Lamb in Delaware and March 29th is the Spring Fling event in Pitman There are five or six pre-entrants to date.

Memberhip Report - Meg reported that we have 318 paid members to date. Our region was presented with the Tom Burke award, that was p resented at the National Convention, for region growth.

Old Business - None.

New Business - None.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 9:00 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Sue King