South Jersey Region-Sports Car Club of America, Inc.

May 2007

The May 2007 meeting of the Board of Directors for the South Jersey Region of the Sports Car Club of America, Inc. was held at the home of Brian Heun on Wednesday eveinging, May 2, 2007. The meeting was called to order by Assistant R.E., J.D. King at 8:30 PM.

Present were - Brian Heun, John Borden, David Hess, J.D. King, Sue King, Meg Meyer, and Jack Oliver. Guest was Valerie Heun.

Treasurer's Report - John reported that we have $6,500.00 in our operating account.

Membership - Meg reported that we have 235 paid members to date. Should we look into years of service pins and the cost for same. This will be discussed at the next BOD meeting.

Solo - Brian reported that the event held on Sunday, April 30th was a great day. There were 59 entrants who got 7 runs each. Even though we were running against a Philadelphia event, Brian felt that our turnout was more then what had been expected. The feedback on the configuration of the track was very well received-John and Mike were the designers. One suggestion was that there be alternate course designers. It was suggested that we try to maintain the noise level of the cars as there were a couple that appeared to exceed the db limit. Those offendees were duly spoken with. David reported that there appeared to be a conflict with the tech inspection. It was recommended that Matt Tornetta be the one in charge of tech and, if he is not able, then Sam would step in. Valerie reported that the computer was giving her a bit of a problem. It was suggested that the batteries may need to be replaced. J.D. will order new batteries.

Tri-region - J.D. reported on the PDX which will be held on June 15 & 16 at Pocono. We are still in need of instructors. David is getting a list together. J.D. suggested that the Solo folks think about who, in the Solo group, would make a good instructor and send him an email so he can contact them. There will an instructor orientation for those folks who volunteer as instructors. Sue is Safety Steward. Helmet requirements were discussed. J.D. received the bill from Pocono for the PDX and the National, the total cost is $60,000.00. Tri-Region meeting is scheduled for tomorrow evening, May 3rd. J.D. reported on Thunderbolt Raceway and how best to promote the SCCA. It was suggested that we look into Comcast.

Old Business - John brought up the running of the Del Sol event at Burlington on June 9th. Have we heard anything on this and, if not, it should be discussed at the membership meeting next week. J.D. wants the Solo trailer inspected for wear and tear-he will take this on and we need to fabricate a new ramp for the one that mysteriously disappeared a while back. There a couple of welders in the King family that will be put into service making this new ramp.

New Business - Sue was approached by Gerry Wanarka form the DC Region who is running for Area Two Governor. He would like to come to one of our meetings to share his agenda. Sue will send a letter of invitation to our June membership meeting.

Fay and David Teal along with Fay's son, Wayne Hickman, are running the One Lap of America event in a GEO Metro. Fay will be calling in to our membership meeting next week with their progress.

There being no further business, meeting was adjourned at 9:30 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Sue King