South Jersey Region-Sports Car Club of America, Inc.

April 2005

The April 2005 meeting of the Board of Directors for the South Jersey Region of the Sports Car Club of America, Inc. was held at the home of John Borden on Wednesday evening, April 6, 2005. The meeting was called to order by R.E., J.D. King at 8:30 PM.

Present were: John Borden, Jim Tornetta, Grace Huntzinger, Jim Wakeman, Meg Meyer, J.D. King, David Hess and Sue King.

Solo II - Jill Canuso (Monster Plates) not only has been gracious enough to provide her trailer for our timing crew at our Atco events but has been able to find us a sponsor through Lexus of Cherry Hill. This has happened since our March membership meeting and J.D. reported that Lexus has put the check in the mail as of today. Grace will be hosting software training on Thursday, April 14th at her home. Grace reported that with the new software, registration can be done directly. Grace, also, reported that there are 28 pre-registered for the AM session and 24 pre-registered for the PM session of the test and tune/novice school day at Atco on April 16th. Grace feels that there will be enough instructors for this event.

Treasury - John reported that there is a balance of $2,061.82 in the operating account. John went over the income statement for the first quarter 2005. He then went over the balance sheet and reminded the BOD that, under current assets, the $2,000.00 Dave Rose scholarship fund is not reflected. He did note that the reason it is not on the balance sheet is because it is not the Region's money - it was a donation to the club from the Rose family to honor the memory of Dave Rose.

Membership - Meg reported that as of the March mailing from National we have 208 paid members.

Tri Region - JD reported that the PDE is coming together and the most recent report is that there are six pre-entries for this June event. J.D. felt that we should promote this performance driving experience at our solo events. Meg stated that Tri Region has a webmaster and they have not approached Meg to promote this event on the web site. Sue asked David to put together an announcement for the PDE so we can hand it out at our solos. J.D. felt that most of the entrants will be coming from our Solo II group. J.D. recruited instructors at this meeting. It appears Meg and David volunteered to be instructors. There will be another meeting of Tri Region within the next couple of weeks.

Old Business - Discussion centered on finding additional venues for Solo II. Camden County College came up and Grace will try to get Andre to look over a parking lot at this facility to see if it could be utilized. The lot at Sovereign Bank in Trenton was brought up as a possibility but J.D. stated that they want $3,000 for rent. Grace reported that she has an uncle who has some connections for the parking lots at the Philadelphia stadiums. John volunteered to look over these lots to see if they would fit our needs.

New Business - J.D. reported that he received the resignation of Grace Huntzinger, not only from the Board of Directors but also from her position on the Solo II committee. J.D. stated that she is completely on board for the transition. She will not be able to deliver the timing equipment so we need to make some plan to pick it up from her home-possibly this weekend. Jim Thwaite is a possible to take over her position. J.D. suggested that we should build a case for the timing equipment so that it can be transported in the region trailer. Brian did mention that Grace had put together a manual for the operation of the timing equipment and that this should help with those who take over the running of the system. J.D. will contact Grace to schedule the pick up. Discussion centered on getting everything in order to run our next event and for future events. J.D. suggested that we ask Grace to come to our next event to serve as a backup and trainer. J.D. did mention that Grace volunteered to help go over everything real quick and offer some technical assistance. John stated that Steve Ashcraft started us on our way to a good Solo II program and that Grace followed up with her great efforts. J.D. offered that Grace helped us get to where we are currently and we appreciate all her efforts.

There being no further business, meeting was adjourned at 9:15 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Sue King