South Jersey Region-Sports Car Club of America, Inc.

January 2005

The January 2005 meeting of the Board of Directors for the South Jersey Region of the Sports Car Club of America, Inc. was held at the home of David Hess on Wednesday evening, January 5, 2005. The meeting was called to order by R.E., J.D. King at 8:25 PM.

Present were: David Hess, Meg Meyer, Jim Wakeman, Jack Oliver, John Borden, Sue King and J.D. King.

Banquet - J.D. has been in touch with Hankook about having one of their reps be present at the banquet. J.D. has been gathering goodies for giveaways at the banquet. John will finalize the menu with the folks at Fontana's. Grace will take care of the Solo II awards and J.D. and Tom Smith will be in charge of all the other awards.

Solo II - After many attempts and telephone calls, J.D. thinks he has finally reached the person who is responsible for granting us dates for Camden. John suggested that we get as many dates as we can just don't commit - we can always cancel if there is a big conflict with other clubs. We should also schedule dates with Atco. Sue suggested that we put out a schedule of dates with a disclaimer that the schedule is subject to change. John stressed that we should keep going with Camden and get as many dates as we can and then produce a schedule.

Vintage Gran Prix - Sue reported that she attended a meeting earlier today with the formation committee. This event is scheduled for Mother's Day weekend in Camden and will be run along the waterfront between the baseball stadium and the aquarium. They have a lot of work to be completed if this event is going to come to fruition. This is a two day event and the committee expects a crowd of about 50,000 people. The layout of the course has not been completed. We will need to know the layout so that we can provide sufficient workers to man the corners. They do not need personnel for timing and scoring. They will need tech inspectors. Meg suggested that we put the date for this event up on our website and the board agreed.

Web Site - Meg reported that she has received a bill from our current web host and we will need to work something out with them as we are now about two months into our contract with them for the domain name. Meg found a potential new host - - they have five databases that are free and she feels they are a little more advanced. It would cost $90.00 - $7.50 a month - for one year, but if we go with a two year contract it would cost $6.50 a month or $78.00 a year. Motion by John that we go with this new host, Superb, for the two years second by Jack. Motion carried.

Mini Con - J. D. stated that we should be getting our committee together this coming Spring as we will be hosting the Mini Con in November of 2006. We will need speakers for the different specialties, SCCA U, etc. J. D. suggested that we should contact Kathy Barnes of New England Region for her guidance in putting this event together as she had volunteered her help to J.D. at the Mini Con he attended. John asked about how many people we need to consider as attendees. Meg felt that about 100-120 people usually attend these events. Discussion centered on where it should be held - probably in the Cherry Hill-Mt. Laurel area.

Membership - Meg reported, with John's help, that we have 229 members.

Treasury - Jack reported that we have $5,061.00 in the operating account. Jack will bring the books to the membership meeting so we can turn them over to Fay Teal for audit.

Reorganization - J.D. will continue as R.E. Jim Tornetta will remain as Asst. R.E. Sue King will remain as Secretary. John Borden is our new treasurer. At Large - Jack Oliver, Meg Meyer, David Hess, Jim Wakeman and Grace Huntzinger. Meg will serve as Competition chair and Membership chair; Jim Tornetta is Merchandise chair; we are keeping Maryann Worrell as Race chair; Jim Wakeman will take over as Rally chair; the Scrutineer chair is open to volunteers; Solo II will be chaired by John Borden with Grace Huntzinger as co-chair; we will keep Mike Sokalsky as chair for the Mini GP; Flag and Comm chair will be David Teal and David will also serve as the Starter; Grid is open to volunteers; Pit, Paddock & Sound will be chaired by Alex Collins; Registration is open to volunteers; Jack Oliver will serve as the Timing & Scoring chair; Tri-Region Reps are David Teal, Ed Jenks and J.D. King with Terry Hanushek, Fay Teal and Jack Oliver serving as alternates; PHA (Pennsylvania Hillclimb Assn.) Reps are Sue Salsberg, Dave Arron and Dan Cassino; Solo I rep is Fred Thum; ARA (Anthracite Race Assn) rep is Terry Hanushek.

Tri Region - J.D. reported that the next meeting is scheduled for January 11th. A vote for the double national had been put out to all the regions in the Northeast and it still is not clear if this is really going to be a double or not. The high performance car clinic is scheduled for June 17th & 18th at Pocono.

There being no further business, meeting was adjourned at 9:30 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Sue King