South Jersey Region-Sports Car Club of America, Inc.

December 2004

The December 2004 meeting of the Board of Directors for the South Jersey Region of the Sports Car Club of America, Inc. was held at the home of David Hess on Wednesday evening, December 1, 2004. The meeting was called to order by R.E., J.D. King at 8:15 PM.

Present were: David Hess, Sue King, Ed Jenks, Jack Oliver, J.D. King, Meg Meyer, Jim Tornetta and Grace Huntzinger. Guest was Gayle Hess.

Bills were presented to our treasurer, Jack Oliver, for payment. Among those bills was a charge for the graphics that were used on the car of Carl Palma for the Hot Import Nights show that was held in Atlantic City recently. J.D. felt that we should try to use Carl's car as much as possible throughout the coming year at various car shows in the area to help promote the South Jersey Region.

Tri-Region - Ed reported that, at the last meeting, discussion centered on the June date and the August date. The August date is the same as the National at Mid-Ohio so, naturally, there is a conflict as most drivers would opt to race at Mid-Ohio to get the track time for the runoffs in September. Friday of the Mini-Con Ed had a discussion with Terry Hanushek and Jesse (from Stock Car Experience) juggling dates - Jesse will get Sunday (Father's Day in June) and an option for Saturday of that weekend if we don't use that day. Our three days in August were exchanged with PDA and Stock Car Experience for the earlier August dates for the National - August 6th & 7th. At the Mini-Con the double National was voted against - although this vote will probably be turned around by the end of this month. Ed is still working on the Hi Performance Car Control Clinic and getting feedback from those interested in participating in this event to be held this coming June. Discussion centered on how best to attract marque clubs to this event. Ed and J.D. are co-chairs.

Solo II - Grace reported that there 62 cars at the last event. Each car had five runs - the course was wet in the morning and was just about dry for the afternoon runs. Andre created another great course. There were no problems. Sam has volunteered to head up tech for next year. Grace felt that this is a good area for him to be as he wants to be more involved than as a competitor. National has set criteria and recommendations for next year. Helmets is one area where changes will probably be made. Trophies - Grace and David will look into these awards. J.D. will take care of getting the tires and swag for awards. Trophies will be awarded according to the Solo II Rule Book as to class placement. J.D. suggested that a worker of the year trophy be awarded as well as driver trophies. Timing sign - Grace will look into getting quotes for a new timing sign. David will print the year end stats in the next issue of At Speed.

Membership - Meg reported that as of the October report from National we have 228 paid members.

Treasury - Jack reported that there is a balance of $5,883.00 in the operating budget. Jack, also, reported that he will be stepping down as the treasurer next year. We will need to contact Fay Teal to audit the books before the new treasurer takes over next year. John Borden had volunteered to be the new treasurer.

Thunderbolt Raceway - J.D. attended a planning board meeting this past Monday night in Millville. There is planned a 400 foot by 900 foot lot at this facility which we will utilize as a Solo II track. It may be possible to get 2 to 3 cars running at the same time.

We will need to come up with a recruiting program to have sufficient workers to staff our SCCA events. December 13th is the next planned meeting in Millville - time is 6:30 PM. This meeting will be held at the Millville City Hall - 856-825-7000 for directions. J.D. stated that most of the 200+ people that attended this meeting were proponents of the track. Any interested person is welcome to attend the next meeting.

Old Business - Banquet menu - Sue offered Fontana's menu for selection. The Board volunteered John Borden as the reservation chairman. David will publish the menu in the next issue of At Speed. There will be a one hour open bar - beer, wine and soda. The cost will, once again, be $35.00 per person. David will contact the DJ that we had last year. J.D. will work on getting goodies. J.D. asked Sue to make a note to set up a committee, maybe Sam and Shari??

At Speed - David touched on making an announcement as to who would like to get electronic copies or receive their copy by mail. J.D. suggested that we give them options.

New Business - J.D. reported that he has been contacted by Rob Leone who is the R.E. of the Philadelphia Region seeking our permission to run their Solo II winter series at Great Adventure. Discussion centered on allowing them to run there and South Jersey should support their effort. It was felt that this would be the start of a worker base for Thunderbolt Raceway.

Helmets - Grace reported that with the new directive from National as to the type of helmets to be worn for Solo II racing, she has found helmets at a cost of approximately $55.00 each. She will shop around and look for a sale. Sue will check the helmet inventory in the Solo II trailer and report to Grace on what we have available for use under the new directive. A decision will be made at a future date as to purchasing new loaner helmets. Grace suggested that the loaner helmets be painted an awful color so that they don't disappear from our inventory.

Gimmick Rally - David would like to plan this type of rally to be held February 5, 2005. J. D. suggested that David get in contact with Clyde Heckler as he has a lot of these types of events. Start will be at the 'Hess Station' and will end somewhere close by. No check points. David is looking for sponsorship to help defray whatever expenses there may be. He will have more details at the next meeting.

There be no further business, meeting was adjourned at 9:40 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Sue King