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Lightning Challenge - NEDRRC Round 4 - MARRS 3 / NJRRS 1

From June 01, 2019 09:00 until June 02, 2019 18:00
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Lightning Challenge Road Race - NJRRS, NEDiv Championship Race

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Saturday 6/1 Track Sprint Schedule

Registration and more information (in links on the registration page) for the Track Event, and the Track Sprint.

Registration opens 3:00pm
Tech opens 3:00pm
Mandatory Drivers Meeting 5:00pm
Grid 5:30pm
Track Sprint starts approximately 6:00pm 
Last run 7:00pm


Our Season Begins
Registration is now open for the 2019 (12th Annual) Lightning Challenge weekend on NJMP's Lightning circuit.
Road Racing includes NJRRS, MARRS, and RCFFS series competitors, with a test day Friday, qualifying and qualifying race Saturday, and feature races on Sunday. Registration is open (Click Here) on Motorsportreg.
Also included in the road racing schedule is the inaugural South Jersey Region Bracket Racing group . This is a 'run what you brung' race group, competing based on the actual lap times of driver and car, rather than car class or level of modification. This could be an interesting double-dipping opportunity, or a new kind of race if your car is not really competitive in an existing class. See the full description on our website under Bracket Racing .
Last but certainly not least, this weekend includes a Track Day on Friday afternoon (formerly known as PDX), and a Time Trials Track Sprint on Saturday evening as a stand-alone event after the end of racing. This is a really interesting format, single car runs, leaving the pits and being timed through a section of the track, then returning to pit lane. Not only is this a great stand-alone event open to street cars and non-competition drivers; but also a new opportunity for a racing driver, crew member, race official, or friends to get a chance to do a few runs on Lightning after the end of racing on Saturday.
Registration and more information on the Friday Track Day, and Saturday Track Sprint, can be found on Motorsportreg

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